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Shurlok Holm - Blue / White Teddy Bear

Shurlok Holm - Blue / White Teddy Bear

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Caleb "Shurlok" Holm, was brought up around many masters of glass. Including his own father, Darby Holm, and the masters at DC Labs in Southern Oregon. Although being the son of a legend has its perks. Caleb has forged his own path into the spotlight and has even found his own style. In a interview with HQ Magazine, Caleb said:

“As little kids, we all had a blankie or a baba, and the bears tie us back to our natural instincts,” he adds. “There are all these amazing pieces out that are really sharp and crazy — my thing is to put a cute, cuddly soft side on it.”



•Measures Approximately 4.5" Tall

•Fixed Female 14mm / 90º Joint with Matching Bowlpiece

•Fits Male 14mm Accessories

•Sculpted to look like a Teddy Bear

•Signed and Dated by Shurlok Holm

•Made by Caleb "Shurlok" Holm 

•IG: @shurlokholm





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