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Cookies Glass - Quartz Drip Banger

Cookies Glass - Quartz Drip Banger

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The Cookies Drip Banger - a high-quality, durable banger made from quartz. This banger features a specialized carb cap that allows you to place your wax inside and the heat of the banger will cause it to drip slowly into the banger. It also has a sandblasted spinner cone to help lift the terps. Its quartz material is known for its heat resistance and purity of taste, making it a great choice for looking for premium dabbing experience.


  • Measurements:
    • Approximately 3.0" Tall
    • Approximately 3.0" Wide
    • 25mm Quartz Bucket
    • Dish Measures Approximately 1.5" in Diameter
  • Joint and Compatibility:
    • Male 14mm / 90º Joint
    • Compatible with Female 14mm / 90º Joints
  • Made of High Quality Quartz
  • Insert Decorated with "Cookie V" Pattern
  • Matching Insert and Drip Cap Included
  • Custom Fit Box
  • Made By Cookies Glass


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