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Eon Glass

EON Glass - Mini Heady Tube

EON Glass - Mini Heady Tube

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  • Measures 8" Tall
  • Removable Bowl Piece
  • Female 90° / 10mm Joint
  • Fits Male 10mm Accessories
  • 3 Hole Perc
  • Features:
    • Vertical Encalmo Line Work
    • Encased Murrine Millies
  • Made by Ian and Nadia Marrero
    • IG: @eon_glass




*All Glass Sales Are Final, No Returns*


EON Glass is the collaborative name of Ian and Nadia Marrero, a couple with over 13 Years of experience making glass together. Known for their unique style of Millefiori Portraits, reminiscent of Pointillism or Pixel Art

Ian Marrero was apprenticing for Devin Somerville (aka Cap'n Crunk) when he met a passionate Cross Stitch Artist named Nadia. Her work inspired Ian to set out and capture both of their unique skill sets in the form of glass art.

EON Glass pioneered their own method of Millefiori. Creating photo realistic images out of hundreds, sometimes thousands, of nanoscopic glass rods (some of which are thinner than human hair). This process can take up to 300 Hours depending on the complexity of the image.

EON Glass' Millefiori Portraits pay homage to public figures who inspired them, especially those who have made major contributions to cannabis culture. Past subjects Immortalized in their work Include Rick Simpson and Frieda Kahlo

At The World Series of Glass at Glass Vegas 2019, An Eon Glass x Stephen Boehme Millefiori Portrait of Salvador Dali took the grand prize for the Best Millie category.


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