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Leisure Glass

Leisure - 29 Arm Hollowfoot Bubbler

Leisure - 29 Arm Hollowfoot Bubbler

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This water bubbler features a 29 arm tree perc as the main diffusion. The trees are fused to the base to add extra security and the base is hollow to allow more water flow through the percs. Easily one of the cleanest hitting bubblers on the market.



• Measures Approximately 10" Tall

• Female 14mm / 90º Joint

• Compatible with Male 14mm / 90º Accessories

• 29 Arm Tree Perc 

• Recessed Joint

• Bent Neck

• Hollowfoot Base

• Comes with a 14mm Leisure Multi Hole Bowlpiece

• Made By Luke Wilson in Southern California, USA

- IG: @leisureglass

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