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Leisure Glass

Leisure - Fumed Brickstack Incycler

Leisure - Fumed Brickstack Incycler

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Arguably one of the best production dab rigs in the entire world, the Brickstack Incycler has everything a good dab rig needs. Luke Wilson deserves all the praise and more for blessing our industry with some of the best function known to man. From a thick, sturdy base to a smooth yet choppy perc, this rig also incycles your water for you to give you better flavor and terpene profiles.



• Measures Approximately 8" Tall

• Fixed Female 14mm / 90º Joint

• Compatible with Male 14mm / 90º Accessories 

• Ratchet Disk (Brickstack) Perc

• Incycler Design

• Silver and Gold Fumed

• Made by Luke Wilson in Southern California, USA

- IG: @leisureglass

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