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Mighty Chalice

Mighty Chalice - Mini Beaker Dark Green

Mighty Chalice - Mini Beaker Dark Green

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For well over a decade, Mighty Chalice, has been an integral part of the vibrant local glass scene in the San Francisco Bay Area. This self-taught artist has carved a niche for themselves, captivating enthusiasts with their remarkable creations.

Based out of Berkeley, CA, Mighty Chalice embarked on his artistic journey in the early 90s, initially crafting frit pipes. Through perseverance and a dedication to their craft, they pushed the boundaries of their work, evolving to produce more intricate and scientifically-inspired designs. Their journey was marked by trial and error, honing their skills and expanding their repertoire.

Renowned for both durability and function, Mighty Chalice's creations stand tall among the heavyweights of the scientific glass community. Their portfolio showcases a diverse range of pieces, from elegant tubes and bubblers to complex scientific designs. Each creation is a testament to their exceptional craftsmanship and unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional quality.

Mighty Chalice has garnered a loyal following, both locally and beyond. His artistry resonates with enthusiasts seeking both aesthetic beauty and superior functionality in their glass pieces.


  • Measurements:
    • Approximately 16" Tall
    • Base: Approximately 4" in Diameter
    • Downstem: Approximately 6.0" in Total Length
      • note: Product may have a variance of ±1.0"
  • Joint and Accessories:
    • Female 14mm / 45º Joint
    • Compatible with Male 14mm Accessories
    • Removable Downstem
    • Mighty Chalice Gridded Downstem Included
    • Mighty Chalice 14mm Bowl Included
  • Glass Color:
  • Crescent Ice Pinch
  • Mighty Chalice Sandblasted Lion Logo
  • Accented Beaker Design
  • Made by Mighty Chalice, in Berkeley, California

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