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Encore Glass

Encore Collection - 6" Showerhead Banger Hanger

Encore Collection - 6" Showerhead Banger Hanger

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Encore Collection is the latest Glass Product Line from Black Sheep Gallery of Southern California.

Designed in their Quality Controlled Studio, each Encore Collection piece is made of 100% Imported Glass, and designed to blend both durability and functionality. Ensuring that you are getting a great value.

If Design, Quality, Function, and Value are what you after, Encore Collection has it all!


•Height: Approximately 6" Tall

•Wall Thickness: Approximately 5mm Thick

•Joint Type: Female 14mm / 90º 

•Accessories: Male 14mm Quartz Banger Included

•Stem Type: Showerhead Fixed Dropdown

•Diffuser: Showerhead with Polished Diffuser Cuts


*All Glass Sales Are Final, No Returns* 

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