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Santa Cruz Glass

Santa Cruz Glass - Klien Recycler - Fully Worked

Santa Cruz Glass - Klien Recycler - Fully Worked

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Nathan Bennett, Also Known as Santa Cruz Glass, spent years making Scientific Glass for various Technology Companies throughout the Silicon Valley, allowing him plenty of time to perfect his craft. After 12 Years of making glass for others, Nathan Bennett knew he wanted to pursue his own artistic aspirations, with glass.

In a 2012 Interview with Kirby Scudder, the Director of the Santa Cruz Institute of Contemporary ArtNathan Bennett said:

"I always knew that I wanted to pursue my own art with glass. So after 12 years of making glass for other people I decided to set up my own shop and make the kinds of glass that follow my passion."

"I love glassblowing because it's such an old art form and I [once] heard someone say: 'imitate those from the past, until you can integrate the skills. Once you have done that, you can be free to innovate.' Imitate, integrate, innovate."

Santa Cruz Glass' work ranges from practical glassware to highly intricate, ornate, glass sculptures.


  • Measures Approximately 6.5" Tall


  • Base Measures Approximately 2.25" in Diameter


  • Fixed Female 10mm / 90º Joint


  • Compatible with Male 10mm / 90º Accessories 


  • Klein Recycler


  • Fully Worked Body With Clear Spouts


    • 2 Hole Perc


    • Made by Nathan Bennett in Scotts Valley, California circa 2021
        • IG: @santacruzglasspics 



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