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Seath Glass

Seath Miller - Kong Beaker

Seath Miller - Kong Beaker

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We are thrilled to showcase the breathtaking glass creations of the renowned artist, Seath Miller aka "The Glass Taxidermist". With unmatched talent and a deep passion for his craft, Miller has elevated realism in glass art to new heights, captivating art enthusiasts worldwide. Each of his meticulously handcrafted pieces tells a story, radiating a mesmerizing blend of beauty and creativity.

Seath Miller's mastery over glass is evident in the detail of his designs, as he effortlessly manipulates the molten medium to breathe life into his visions. From vibrant and intricate sculptures to delicate and intricate blown glass vessels, his works transcends the boundaries of traditional glass art, inviting viewers to explore the captivating realm of realism in glass artistry.

When Speaking of this piece, Seath Miller stated on Instagram:

"Gorillas have been significant in my life since I was a child"


  • Measurements and Compatibility:
    • Approximately 5.25" Tall
    • Approximately 3.25" at Widest Point
    • Fixed Female 14mm / 45º Joint
    • Compatible with Male 14mm / 45º Accessories
  • Colors Used: 
  • 2 Hole Perc
  • Beaker Base
  • Intricate Glass Sculpting 
  • Signed and Dated by Artist
  • Made by Seath Miller in Eugene, Oregon circa 2017


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