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Toro - 7 to 13 Aqua Macro Shrub XL

Toro - 7 to 13 Aqua Macro Shrub XL

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Produced by the renown scientific glass artist, J.P. Toro, the Toro Shrub 7 to 13 water pipe is on of the best dry-herb pipes ever produced. This water pipe displays pair tree percs arranged with a 7-arm tree perc at the base and a 13-arm perc at the top providing ample diffusion giving you mighty and smooth hits every time. This Toro Shrub is intended to give your item a distinctive look without appearing too crowded with the Aqua worked lip rim and foot. With immaculate construction, diffusion, and just the right amount of color, we are confident that you will absolutely love the Toro Shrub 7 to 13 water pipe



• Measures Approximately 11.5" Tall

• Fixed Female 14mm / 90º Joint

• Compatible with Male 14mm / 90º Accessories 

• Matching Toro Brand 14mm 3 Pinch Bowlpiece

• Dual Chambers

• 7 Arm Reinforced Tree Perc to 13 Arm Reinforced Tree Perc

• Worked Caps

• Made by JP Toro in  Ithaca, New York,  circa 2022

- IG: toro_glass


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