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Toro - Circ to 13 Arm Purple Full Size Tube

Toro - Circ to 13 Arm Purple Full Size Tube

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Toro Glass creates impressive functional pipes with unique percolation combinations and just enough color to give you some of the best high-end glass tubes on the market. This Toro Shrub Circ is a tremendous dry-herb tube. This pipe features a circ perc on the bottom chamber that chops up and bubbles the smoke before it travels to the 13-arm shrub perc. The 13-arm shrub perc will further filter the smoke, ultimately providing substantial chug and smooth hits every use. This Toro Circ to 13-Arm shrub features a stunning Purple on the lip rim, base trim, and percolator caps. This tube stands at approximately 18" tall and features an 18mm female joint.


• Measures Approximately 18" Tall

• Fixed Female 18mm / 90º Joint

• Compatible with Male 18mm / 90º Accessories 

• Matching Toro Brand 18mm 3 Pinch Bowlpiece

• Dual Chambers

• Flame Polished Circ Perc to 13 Arm Reinforced Tree Perc

• Made by JP Toro in New York, USA

- IG: toro_glass

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