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Toro - Circ to Circ Red/Yellow Full Size Tube

Toro - Circ to Circ Red/Yellow Full Size Tube

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Toro Glass creates impressive functional pipes with unique percolation combinations and just enough color to give you some of the best high-end glass tubes on the market. This Toro Shrub Circ is a tremendous dry-herb tube. This pipe features a circ perc on the bottom chamber that chops up and bubbles the smoke before it travels to the circ perc. The Circ perc will further filter the smoke, ultimately providing substantial chug and smooth hits every use. This Toro Showerhead to 13-Arm shrub features a stunning Red/Yellow on the lip rim and base trim, with black percolator caps. This tube stands at approximately 18" tall and features an 18mm female joint. 



• Measures Approximately 18" Tall

• Fixed Female 18mm / 90º Joint

• Compatible with Male 18mm / 90º Accessories 

• Matching Toro Brand 18mm 3 Pinch Bowlpiece

• Dual Chambers

• Flame Polished Circ Perc to Circ Perc

• Made by JP Toro in New York, USA

- IG: toro_glass

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