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Vigil Glass

Vigil Glass - 10mm "Purple Lollipop" Dewar Hammer Bubbler

Vigil Glass - 10mm "Purple Lollipop" Dewar Hammer Bubbler

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Vigil Glass is originally from the Bay Area in California – Burlingame more specifically. He has been blowing glass in Portland, Oregon since 2015 and started blowing glass in January 2008 in Menlo Park, California. 

Drawing inspiration from nature and architecture, Vigil has stated: "I pull a lot of inspiration from the symmetry and a-symmetry that are both naturally occurring, and manmade."


  • Measurements:
    • Measures Approximately 2.75" Tall
    • Measures 5.5" in Total Length
  • Joint & Accessories:
    • Fixed Female 10mm / 90º Joint
    • Compatible with Male 10mm / 90º Accessories 
    • Dewar's Joint
  • Glass Colors:
    • Body:
    • Worked Sections:
      • Different Shades of Purple, Black, Silver, and White
  • 2 Hole Perc
  • Dewar Joint Hamer Bubbler
  • Made by Aaron Vigil in Portland, Oregon


**note: product is sold without accessories 

*All Glass Sales Are Final, No Returns*

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